My Red Carpet Moment!!


a dream come true…

Snapshot made it’s debut at the Capital City Black Film Festival in Austin, Texas!

Snapshot is a short film that is very near and dear to my heart. I auditioned for this project in October of 2018, and we were filming by November. Somewhere in the middle of all of that, I hopped on as Producer.

The story is about racial injustice set in future America. It was such an important story to share, and honestly was unlike any other script I had read. I knew that I wanted to be apart of this project from the beginning. It was also a (rare) opportunity to get to work with a female director - so of course I jumped at it!

We shot during the middle of winter, and if you’re from Texas, you know that our winters can be brutal - especially at night. But, all of the shivers were worth it ten-fold in the end. The final project is equal parts heartbreaking, beautiful and captivating.

Due to the outpouring support of Snapshot, Semone Brown (the brilliant Director) and I have decided to begin developing Snapshot into a feature!!

Stay posted for what’s to come!!

Payten Brewer