About Me:


It all started when…


Payten was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas.

She started acting at fourteen years Old - first by performing at the local community theatre. It was here that she met her life-long friend & mentor, Joe Chapa.

To this day she continues her studies with Joe, exclusively in Stage Combat. She is well on her way to achieving “Master” levels in all major weapons.

In the summer of 2015, Payten was accepted into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, West. Two years later, Payten walked across the Dolby Theatre Stage to accept her diploma. Within those two years, she focused intensively on developing her fundamental acting, singing, movement and writing skills.

After graduating, Payten chose to return to Texas. It is here that she has created her Production Company that focuses exclusively on female driven content. It is her greatest passion to create more job opportunities for Women in Film.

She has also gained experience by acting in theatrical shows, student films, short films, and feature films in the texas scene.

Less than a year ago, Payten began studying with Lisa Dalton, president of the national michael chekhov association. She has broken a world record within the association by being the first person to pursue dual certifications in both acting & directing. NMCA provides the longest and most difficult certification tract in the world.

Payten also studies with Jill Chamberlain, author of the Nutshell technique. She began her screenwriting journey with Jill in austin, Texas, and has since begun developing a female driven Western that will debut under her production company.

You can tag along on all of Payten’s projects by following her on the social media links below.

*Payten is currently seeking representation.*

*Stay tuned for more news on her Production Company.